tongueless-ghost said: Må bare si at Dråpe høres dødsbra ut! Likte spesielt 'I Would Never'.

Så hyggelig å høre!

million-young said: I gave the Drape record a listen, accompanied by a joint. It was quite the treat.

hey thats awesome! hopefully you got in a nice summer mood.

alienslime666 said: wow, your music is lovely n.n

thank you!

onethousandhurts said: Wow, thank you for the add. I absolutely love both your bands. I run a small up-and coming tape label in the US and I would eventually love to release some stuff from Draape over here some day. No contracts or anything required. Either way, keep making music, I love it all.

hey man that sounds awsome! could you send some more info about that?
you can contact me alittle more organized at

Love people who wants to help out! heh


bobeep said: Hei! var på John Dee forrige fredag og må bare si at jeg elsker Dråpe(!) Definitivt det beste norske akkurat nå. Faktisk så er det noe av det beste jeg har hørt av nyere shoegaze/dreampop. Gleder meg til mer musikk!

Wow! for noen hyggelige ord! jeg skal spre det videre til resten, veldig hyggelig å høre.

macadeemac said: thanks for the follow! I love your band! I also play the bass! Kudos!

thats awsome! bass is the coolest live ey? heh